Choosing Your Brooklyn Herborium Products

Choosing Your Brooklyn Herborium Products

With so many amazing-sounding products to choose from, your first glace at our website or stroll around one of our shops might be a little overwhelming, mainly because we don’t recommend using products in the typical control-cycle of “Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize, Morning and Night.” 

Once you understand our process and regimen, however, choosing your products becomes much more straightforward. For daily care, you need something to act as a moisturizer in the morning, a cleanser or two in the evening, a decent supply of our birdseye washcloths, and a Mineral Mist. For your weekly and monthly rituals, you will probably want a mask or two. And a few times a year, it can be helpful to treat your skin to a challenge, something that makes your skin “a little nervous and a little excited” to stimulate renewal and boost resilience. See our articles on The Sun Cycle, The Moon Cycle, and The Earth Cycle for more specifics.

But first, it is helpful to investigate how deep into the “green” you are. Not everyone is ready to fully submerse themselves in all-natural, holistic care, which is OK. Here’s a little guide to help you figure out your best entry point. 

Functional Skincare = No Artificial Ingredients Whatsoever

Brooklyn Herborium’s Functional Skincare Line excels in that it gives your skin precisely what it needs in order to function well without any artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, or preservatives. The Functional Skincare Line has 4 Pathways that all lead toward beautiful skin: The Sense & Sensitivity Pathway, The Pore Refining Pathway, the Clear Complexion Pathway, and the Integrity Pathway. Each pathway is designed to meet your skin where it is and give it what it needs to function at its best. To get the best results with our Functional Skincare products, pay close attention to when each product is meant to be used and the specific directions for mixing, applying, and removing these all-natural herbal goods.

Pore Refining Pathway to Smoother Skin

The Pore Refining Pathway supports the Lubrication and Hydration Function (oil/water balance and barrier). It is excellent for when you experience dehydration, blackheads, milia, or irritation related to barrier issues, in addition to those times when you just want a little pep.

Sense & SensitivityPathway to Calmer Skin

The Sense & Sensitivity Pathway supports the Cellular Communication Function (immune response). It is loved by those who experience re-activity and inflammation due to immune or auto-immune response, in addition by those who are simply looking for a lovely sensory experience.

Clear Complexion Pathway to Clearer Skin

The Clear Complexion Pathway supports the Elimination Function. It greatly benefits those going through a period where the body is using the skin as an organ of elimination, resulting in stress bumps and pimples.

Integrity Pathway to Stronger, More Resilient Skin

The Integrity pathway supports how the skin acts as the body’s first line of defense (physical structure of the skin and its symbiotic biome) and is helpful when the skin needs to rebuild in a strong yet flexible way, preventing environmental damage, scars, and chronic infection.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Do not fret if your skin doesn’t need help in any of these areas or all of these areas at once, as every one of these pathways leads to beautiful, well-functioning skin. Your nose knows where to start: simply smell each of the four Mineral Mists; the one that smells best to you is the way to go. 

Advanced Skincare = Advanced Formulations

The products in Brooklyn Herborium’s Advanced Skincare Line are formulated to resemble conventional skincare products in how you use them but differ in that we use the finest, most Earth-friendly ingredients to produce advanced herbal goods that work with the skin rather than controlling it or actively pushing against it. With our advanced skincare, you won’t be counting drops and sprays, but you still need to follow Brooklyn Herborium’s Supportive Skincare Regimen (Sun Cycle, Moon Cycle, Earth Cycle) for the best results. 

Go For a Hybrid Experience

Not only is it possible for you to mix and match between our Functional Skincare Line and our Advanced Skincare Line, but we also have inter-connected groups of products within our product line that we have put together to get you on the right track right away. 

  • If your skin has been damaged in the past (either due to environmental factors, skin stressors, pimples-past, or age), you may want to start crafting your regimen with products from the Vita-C Line. 
  • If your skin is prone to reactivity and irritation, get to know Cow Fart Juice and the unique line of products that we have formulated to support those with reactive skin conditions.
  • If you or your teen is struggling with “immature” skin conditions like breakouts due to stress or hormones, make LOMAH and one of our Stress Bump Teas a part of your daily regimen.

Still not sure? This is why we have professionals. Brooklyn Herborium is staffed with Herbalcrafters and Holistic Practitioners who understand skin and our skincare products. We offer one-on-one consultations that address both Skincare and Selfcare holistically and workshops that address frequently asked questions and topical solutions.

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