Specific Concerns

Specific Concerns

A Holistic Approach

We do not look at skin conditions in terms of disease but as combinations of various disturbances, dysfunctions, and imbalances that are often able to work themselves out when you give the body what it needs when it needs it and step back to allow the body to heal from the inside.

Typical topical discomforts stem from one or more of these three sources:

  1. A topical imbalance or disturbance erupts or is exacerbated from using skincare products in a way that works against the skin or  a product regimen hooks the skin into a “control cycle” where it is not given an opportunity to function as it should.
  2. Internal stressors force the body to overuse the skin in its role as an organ of elimination. In such an instance, there is  also a need to support hormonal harmony, metabolic flexibility, the four pathways of elimination, and the microbiome of the “Skintestines.”
  3. Past damage (tertiary conditions) where the skin has resigned itself to be in a state of protection or even hibernation. To remedy this, we offer challenges to remind the skin that it is strong and capable of renewal. Done well, these little pushes can increase both vibrancy and resilience.

Nourishment vs Treatment

It may be helpful to keep in mind that we are not using these products to treat any disease but instead provide nourishment and care in the form of topical preparations and herbal remedies to support the skin while you nourish it from the inside so that your body is able to recover from and grow out of these conditions naturally.

Supporting Your Skin Through All Its Ups and Downs

No matter your specific skin concern, we recommend following the Supportive Skincare Regimen that most matches your skin’s overall vibe. A Supportive Skincare Regimen is one where you flush the skin with water in the morning and follow it with either a Mineral Mist and a Moisturizer or a Moisture Duo (5 sprays of Mineral Mist into 3 drops of Nourish and Replenish oil). At night, the regimen is to cleanse the skin (always making sure to remove any and all cleanser with a steamy hot washcloth) and go to bed with more Mineral Mist–but no oil or moisturizer.

  • If your skin tends to be more sensitive, leaning towards a place of redness, reactivity, and irritation when out of balance, choose the Sense & Sensitivity Regimen. 
  • If your oil and water balance is easily thrown off–either too oily or too dry, choose the Pore Refining Regimen.
  • If your tendency is to break out in pimples, particularly when you are stressed, choose the Clear Complexion Regimen.
  • If your skin tends to be slow to heal and is strongly affected by environmental factors, choose the Integrity Regimen.
  • If you have a lot of past damage, either from internal or external factors, choose the Vita-C Regimen.
  • If you tend towards hormonal breakout or if you don’t want to have glass dropper bottles and count out drops of oil and sprays of mist, choose the LOMAH/Immature Skin Regimen.

Consult with a Specialist

When it comes to pinpointing the source of your discomforts and knowing precisely what you need to do in order to support your skin, nothing is better than the guidance that comes from Brooklyn Herborium’s experienced staff. All consultations (in person or virtual) are with our licensed estheticians, who are also certified herbalists. These are the same skilled practitioners who perform Functional Facials and Integrative Therapies at our two Brooklyn Locations. We start where you are and guide you in the direction of health and healing. We steer clear of harsh products, painful treatments, nagging, shaming, and restrictive dietary guidelines.  We trust that our bodies are intelligent and capable of functioning as intended.

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