Facial Reflexology


Facial Stimulation Reflexology uses specific reflection points on the surface of the skin (in this case–the skin of the face) to send subtle messages to other parts of the body, giving it reminders to check-in, tune-up, and get-in-step with the rest of the body. We believe that it is so worthwhile that every facial service offered at Brooklyn Herborium includes some amount of facial reflexology, but the Body-Mind Alignment is a unique experience in self-love and selfcare. 

We offer a community workshop in facial reflexology a few times each year. You can also learn Facial Reflexology through private trainings with Emma. Choose from Facial Reflexology For Selfcare, Partner Facial Reflexology, and Facial Reflexology for Holistic Practitioners.

Elements of Facial Reflexology, along with other holistic beauty techniques, are taught in out Resting Peace Face Online Workshop.