Earth Cycle Products

Seasonal & Special Occasion Regimen - Choose your Earth Cycle Rituals to maintain radiance throughout every season of your life

Between You & The Moon Principle: The skin thrives on the consistency of your daily regimen and when it is nourished  and functioning well, it responds to small amounts of stress in your weekly rituals in a positive way. The key is to make it “slightly nervous, slightly excited.”

Seeds of Change Seasonal Ritual:  Each season, you may switch to Seeds of Change in both your AM Moisture Duo Ritual and your PM Oil Cleansing Ritual for up to three weeks. This is an excellent way to trigger your body’s Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) giving it the signal to perform a massive clean-up and repair. (Our Advanced Product Vita-C 10 Day Treatment works in a similar way. Please choose one or the other per season–not both!)

Your Seasonal Massage Ritual: Anyone with well nourished, functioning skin can learn our Massage Method for Maintaining Radiance at Every Age during a service or at one of our workshops and utilize this technique on a Monthly to Seasonal Schedule to encourage clean-up of stagnation and to unlock the body’s infinite healing potential.