Vita-C 10 Minute Dry Serum

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This powerfully clearing Dry Serum combines the amino acid matrix of silk with the potent minerals of pearls to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin. Vitamin C from wild cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple, and rosehip help to clear out stagnant conditions and gently remind cells to behave their best, resulting in radiant, clear skin.

About Use Within the Vita-C Regimen
For optimal results, this Dry Serum is best used once a month during a period when you are not using the Vita-C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment.

For best results, use within 2 years.
External use only.


At night, measure ¼ tsp of the powder into a small dish, measure ¼ tsp of warm temperature water into the dry powder and allow to dissolve while stirring-about 2 minutes.

Press into skin with the light touch of your fingers in an upward rolling motion. You can also use the tip of a cotton swab or small fan brush to glide over each area in long sweeping motions, leaving a thin layer of the serum evenly on the surface. Place a warm, wet cloth over face and gently compress for up to 10 minutes then wipe away, rinsing a few times with water to completely remove. Liberally mist your face with
Vita-C Brightening Botanical Mist for improved cellular communication. Do not moisturize; allow your skin to breathe and reset while you sleep. Follow with your Moisture Duo the next morning, preferably using Brightening Botanical Mist as a complement.
This product may tingle, especially in areas that need it most.

Organic Cranberry Fruit, Organic Red Raspberry Fruit, Organic Blueberry Fruit, Organic Apple Fruit, Organic Rosehip Seed, Vitamin C, Silk Cocoon, & Sustainably harvested Fresh Water Pearl Powder

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