Holistic Philosophy

Traditional Wisdom meets

Modern Methods

Holistic, Functional Skin Care

When you start from where you are and take simple steps to add in nourishment, these holistic products can supply the building blocks and messages that the skin has to have in order to function well from the outside in—no matter the current skin condition. We developed these products to work synergistically to support our skin’s natural state of health without any artificial ingredients such as emulsifiers and preservatives.

To enjoy the benefits of returning your skin to its natural, most lovely state, be intentional in following our instructions—they may surprise you. It only takes a few drops to get the job done well.

Why Between You & the Moon?

Truly beautiful skin is not simply “under control,” but strong and vibrant. When we provide for its basic needs, our skin does all the work from the inside out. As our first line of defense, it is crucial for our wellbeing that our skin has this agency. At Brooklyn Herborium, we don’t look at skin types or try to change them, but instead examine skin conditions and seek to discover the imbalance in a person’s skin-care or self-care habits. Following a daily regimen that meets our skin’s basic needs and implementing pinpointed rituals to enhance how well our skin is functioning is the best way to break free from control cycles.

Handed Down

Our herbal wisdom is gleaned from thousands of years of human experience throughout worldwide traditions. These healing gifts from Mother Nature and the Wise Woman’s knowledge of how to make them usable to us have fortunately been passed from mothers to daughters throughout history. While popular society makes it difficult to recognize and remember the incredible resources we have inherited from our global ancestors, we embrace these traditional teachings. With them in mind, we create unique formulas with truly natural ingredients and holistic methods to meet the needs of today.

Made By Hand

We source the best ingredients available–organic, sustainably wild-crafted, and as close to home as possible. We get to know our supplier’s farms and practices. Our raw materials are prepared in small batches and handcrafted into these holistic skincare products at our workshop in Brooklyn. We use everything we make on ourselves and our families. As part of our practice, we energize our work by focusing on Gratitude, Compassion, and Generosity. Welcome to our family!



Hands On Learning

Our Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship focuses on the how’s and why’s of our Functional Skincare Line along with some of our Apothecary products and Herbal Infusions and Herbal Medicinals. Our mission is to disseminate this wealth of knowledge to a greater audience so more people can benefit from traditional wisdom. These secrets are not to be held, but to be shared.

Professional Training

Our Holistic Aesthetician Apprenticeship: We have been nurturing and mentoring holistic aestheticians since 2010. If our processes and methods speak to you and you want to delve deeply into the type of holistic wisdom we practice, an apprenticeship may be right for you. Apprenticeship is not the same as taking a class or attending workshops. You must be willing to invest yourself, work hard, and respect the mentors who are taking time from their busy practices to pass this wisdom on to you.

2 Week Intensive + Monthly Circle

Holistic Aesthetician APPRENTICESHIP