Integrative Therapies


Integrative therapies are pinpointed services that target specific skin issues holistically. Your Esthetician will use specialized modalities such as herbal preparations, LED phototherapy (Red, Blue, Amber, Green), high-frequency (neon and argon), BT Micro (ultrasonic and microcurrent), diamond dermabrasion and massage techniques (reflexology, gua sha, lymphatic drainage) to directly address your most pressing concerns and get you on the most straightforward path to the results you desire.

  • The Integrative Therapy for Congestion and Dehydration is recommended when you have large amounts of blackheads or milia that need to be extracted. This service not only gives you the preparation and time needed in order to have it done well but will also teach you how to prevent this type of build-up in the future so that you won’t have to go through all that poking and squeezing again and again.

  • The Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair is helpful for those who experience symptoms related to the skin’s natural barrier and its oil and water balance. Barrier repair is highly recommended if you get any type of dermatitis or have a mottled texture just below the surface of the skin and should be considered in cases of oily patches, enlarged pores, chapped skin, and dry (flakey) patches.

  • The Integrative Therapy for Biome Rehabilitation is recommended for anyone who is experiencing symptoms related to biome integrity. This could include pimples with pus, uneven textured areas, and large, inflamed, painful welts that tend towards infections. Got acne? Support the biome.

  • The Integrative Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity can be helpful to anyone with over-reactivity that results in symptoms of inflammation and a tendency towards hives, eczema, and rosacea. It is often necessary to help get over-anxious skin out of a dysfunctional feedback loop so that healing is possible.

  • The Integrative Therapy for Damaged Skin is for people who want to improve the appearance of skin that has been afflicted with past conditions that may have resulted in hyper-pigmentation, red spots, distended capillaries, uneven skin texture, and scars. This therapy is only suitable for when the skin is functioning optimally—we do not perform this treatment if the skin is currently experiencing an immune response.