Integrative Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity

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Who is Integrative Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity for? 

The Holistic Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity can be helpful to anyone who wants to support the way their skin cells communicate. Clients with over-reactivity, such as inflammation, rosacea, a tendency towards hives and eczema have benefitted from this therapy. 

What can I expect from Integrative Therapy for Reducing Redness and Reactivity? 
After your first session, you can expect your skin to feel calm and moisturized, though slightly tight. Previous symptoms, such as inflammation and irritation are usually relieved within 48 hours of the service. You will be given very specific directions, worksheets and (perhaps) videos to follow. You will find that it will take up to 2 weeks to see the full results of each service.

You can expect that it may take up to two months to get the skin to a place where it does not overreact to most exposures, although the reduction of overall redness is usually immediate. From there, we will reassess and either continue with this same therapy to lessen the appearance of distended capillaries (mostly those stubborn ones on the cheeks or around the nose) or move on to an Integrative Therapy to Improve the Appearance of Old Scars (if necessary) and then Integrative Therapies for Maintaining Radiance (at every age).

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