Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair

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Who is Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair for? 

Barrier Repair Therapy is suitable for anyone who experiences symptoms related to the skin’s oil and water balance. This may include: Oily patches, enlarged pores, chapped skin, and dry (flakey) patches.

What can I expect from Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair? 
After your first session, you can expect your skin to feel calm and moisturized, though slightly tight. This is necessary and desirable to reset your oil glands. Previous symptoms are usually relieved within 48 hours of the service. You will be given very specific directions, worksheets and (perhaps) videos to follow. You will find that in 3 weeks time, your skin will no longer feel oily in some places and dry in others.

Further sessions will show more immediate response and can completely resolve the issue, from there we recommend moving to an Integrative Therapy to Reduce Rednessor Integrative Therapy to Improve the Appearance of Old Scars (if necessary) and then Integrative Therapies for Maintaining Radiance (at every age).

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