NO EVIL Oil Cleanser

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Odorless, tasteless, visually clear and quiet cleansing oil.

NO EVIL does not strip the skin, nor does it change the pH or disturb the beneficial flora that resides there. Instead, it uses an important chemistry concept (Like dissolves like or Oil bonds to Oil) in order to gently remove oxidized oil and cellular debris (including makeup). Both oily skin and dry skin do well with Oil Cleansing.

For best results, use within 2 years.
External use only.

How to Use
At night, apply to dry skin and work into congested areas, including over makeup, with fingertips and remove by holding a steamy, wet washcloth to the area and gently wiping away. Repeat until all traces of oil have been removed. 


Oil Cleansing is not appropriate for use in the morning. Simply splash with water or try Facial Bathing instead. 

Do not oil cleanse more than once in every 24 hour period.

Take care with skin that has a damaged moisture barrier. Overuse of any oil is not beneficial. Some people will do better with oil cleansing 2x/wk.

As a Pre-Cleanser in the Double Cleansing Method
Oil cleanse as above and follow with Sow Your Wild Oats, one of our Clay Masks or LOMAH.

Herbal Steamer and Clay Masks
• Apply NO EVIL before steaming
• Apply NO EVIL before a Clay Mask (Do not remove before applying the mask)

NO EVIL also protects the delicate skin near the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth in harsh winter weather. After applying your Moisture Duo, drip 1-2 drops onto your fingertips and smooth over areas that can become chapped before going out into bitter cold conditions.

100% pure olive squalane potentiated with Little Falls quartz to energize the molecules into a vibrational frequency that is more readily recognized by skin cells.