Organic Birdseye Cotton Washcloths

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These soft organic cloths are made with a unique birdseye weave which helps to hold in warm water and gently grab and pull oil-based cleansers away from the skin for complete removal.

Clean-up is easy. Simply rinse under your faucet, adding a bit of Clean & Green Hand Soap (if needed) and hang to dry. They dry very quickly. Or just throw them in with your wash. This is the same material we use for cloth baby wipes because they hold up well through intense messes, constant washing and drying at any temperature.

{Set of 3}

Use them daily with your oil-cleansing (No Evil), double-cleansing (pre-cleansing with one of our Holistic Skin Care Oils and following up with Sow Your Wild Oats or LOMAH Lotion) and mask (Clay, Biome Rehabilitation Peel) rituals.

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