Integrative Therapy for Biome Rehabilitation

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Who is Integrative Therapy for Biome Rehabilitation for? 

Biome Rehabilitation is appropriate for anyone who is experiencing symptoms related to biome integrity. Symptoms include pimples with pus, uneven textured areas and large, inflamed, painful welts that tend towards infections.

What can I expect from Integrative Therapy for Biome Rehabilitation? 
After your first session, you can expect your skin to feel calm and moisturized, though slightly tight. Previous symptoms, such as inflammation and pus are usually relieved within 48 hours of the service. You will be given very specific directions, worksheets and (perhaps) videos to follow. You will find that when you return in 2 weeks time, your skin will have less irritation and pus.

You can expect that it will take 16 weeks to completely rehabilitate the biome and get it to a place where it is protecting itself without regular Integrative Therapies. From there, we will reassess and will recommend moving to an Integrative Therapy to Reduce Redness (if necessary) or Integrative Therapy to Improve the Appearance of Old Scars (which, in cases of extreme symbiosis which has led to structural damage, may take another series targeted towards scars and then Integrative Therapies for Maintaining Radiance (at every age).

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