Functional Facial Level I

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Functional Facial Level I
75 min 
Brooklyn Herborium’s Functional Facials are specifically tailored to your skin’s needs in order to support the skin in its quest to function at optimal vibrancy. Functional Facials, as a cornerstone of your personal skin care, can help to resist and reset the effects of time, stress, and environmental factors. In addition, consistent meetings with your Holistic Skin Care Specialist will give you the support you need to continue along your healing journey and keep your skin functioning optimally.

A Functional Facial includes:
• Holistic consultation with analysis
• Cleansing
• Steaming with herbs (as appropriate)
• Manual removal of debris (extractions, including milia as appropriate)
• Customized, hand-blended treatment mask
• Treatment massage to promote overall vitality (Facial Point Stimulation & Lymphatic Drainage)

A series of 6 treatments provides a savings of 20%.

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