Rosey Gommage

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- Specially used with Beauty Rituals to enhance benefits by giving the skin an added boost of excitement -

This Gommage polishes the skin for a renewed appearance. Exfoliate without thinning or creating small tears on your skin’s surface. The friction between your massaging hands and the gel will release dead cells leaving you soft & glowing. With naturally-derived Glycolic Acid to support detoxification & cellular renewal and Organic Rose distillate for balancing & hydration.

After years of using these ingredients in our treatment room, we finally have formulated and bottled small batches of three lovely treatments purely for beauty. When you have been doing all the supportive things, lifestyle, mind and spirit aligned, and your skin is perfect, what's next? Some fun! A little bit of excitement for your routine to make your skin work just a bit and flourish that much more.

Best to use within 2 years.
External Use Only.


This gommage is an “active peel” meaning you massage it around your face, helping it exfoliate & improve fine lines & discoloration. Use: Massage 4-8 pumps of gommage into your face and neck, avoiding the direct eye area. Using fingertips, make small circles around the nose and in all the facial creases. As the gommage dries, you will start to feel tiny bits of cellular debris. At this point, rinse your face & neck with a warm washcloth and remove all dead skin. Try simply allowing your skin to be naked after removal, or use your moisture duo to moisturize.

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