Clarity Ritual Serum

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- Specially used with Beauty Rituals to enhance benefits by giving the skin an added boost of excitement -

After years of using these ingredients in our treatment room, we finally have formulated and bottled small batches of three lovely treatments purely for beauty. When you have been doing all the supportive things, lifestyle, mind and spirit aligned, and your skin is perfect, what's next? Some fun! A little bit of excitement for your routine to make your skin work just a bit and flourish that much more.

Clarity Ritual Serum utilizes the best nature has to offer by matching olive squalane, sebum’s bio-mimicking molecule, with the unique antioxidants and omega fatty acids found only in the seeds of fruits with a high polyphenol content. Adding this serum to your weekly rituals gives your skin a luxurious, decadent feeling treat that leaves you feeling fresh and clear.


• For an oil cleansing ritual, use 3 pumps of Serum on dry skin. Be sure to set an intention and take your time to truly massage the serum into your skin, using the heat of your hands to further penetrate its goodness into each pore. Leave on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes before removing with a steamy hot washcloth.

• To increase the benefits of steaming, apply 2 pumps of Serum to the skin before placing your face over the steam. After steaming the skin for 8-10 minutes, remove the serum with a steamy washcloth.

• Upgrade your weekly mask rituals by applying Serum to the face underneath any mask.

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