Body Mind Alignment

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When your body and mind are in alignment you are able to tune into the energetic hum of the universe. In this state of alignment you release your mind’s grip on the physical world, allowing the flow of energy to pass around and through you, finding specifically the areas where you need a tune-up and delivering them instantaneous healing love and a subtle body pep-talk.

The deeply satisfying and relaxing process of Body-Mind Alignment is a gentle Facial Point Stimulation massage that activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) as it guides your brain to find deeper rhythms that lead to Theta (conscious visualization) through Delta (a subconscious state where spontaneous healing is known to occur) states, creating an unhindered bridge between your physical being and your mind. While you contentedly relax in this state, we stimulate specific points (similar to reflexology) to give a gentle energetic nudge to each of your body systems.

All of this is punctuated with Grounding Energy, mantras, abundant use of incredible crystals, and sound healing with our Elemental Balancing Bells. You will also get very specific self-care recommendations to help you grow out of your current concerns and conditions.

• Specific Facial Massages for you to use at home
• Breathing Techniques
• Holistic Self-Care Worksheets

Though all of our services contain elements of Body-Mind Alignment, the stand-alone service is a unique experience in self-love and self care. Body-Mind Alignment can also be added to a Functional Facial.

A series of 6 treatments provides a savings of 20%.

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