Inner Strength Tea

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The naturally sweet deliciousness of our Inner Strength Tea is indicative of its nourishing and restorative properties. Suitable for daily use by most individuals, many midwives and doulas recommend for daily use throughout all stages of the childbearing year. Children and men-folk seem to love this tea as well--perhaps it is because it seems to be more delicious to those who need it the most.

Those with over-reactive skin and poor cellular communication (redness, inflammation and itchiness) will find this tea especially useful.

When to Drink:
Daily, as a delicious, tonifying beverage. If it doesn’t taste good to you, you probably don’t need it. Over-consumption may be diuretic for some.

How to Make:
• Scoop loose tea into heat safe vessel. (1Tbsp per cup or ¼ cup per quart)
• Pour boiling water over herbs--let steep for up to 8 hours
• Strain into cup (any time after 15 minutes) for immediate use or storage vessel to be kept in refrigerator for up to 2 days.
• Drink cold, heat on the stovetop, or dilute with hot water.

Organic Nettles, Oatstraw, Red Raspberry Leaf