Ancient Secrets Body Scrub

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A gentle herbal scrub, wonderful for body blemishes, dry skin and rough spots, and ingrown hairs.

We have been behind many closed doors with healers and beauty therapists from around the world. Over and over again, we hear the healing mantra of the herbs in the Ancient Secrets Body Scrub:

Turmeric: marvelous anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, and has long been used in Ayurvedic skin care.
Mustard: increases circulation and opens pores.
Neem: widely recognized as an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-parasitic agent in skin care for centuries.
Jojoba Oil: mimics the skin’s own oil and has excellent moisturizing and protective effects.
Grapefruit Essential Oil: known to be an antiseptic, disinfectant, lymphatic stimulant and tonic essential oil.

For best results, use within 2 years of opening.
External use only.

Gentle enough for daily use. Smooth skin results even if only used every few days in the shower or bath. Apply to moistened skin, scrub lightly in a circular motion with an organic cotton cloth or a natural sea sponge. Rinse completely and buff off any excess oil when finished. Enjoy smoothed, refreshed skin!

Use every other day for a week before your waxing appointment, but discontinue 2 days before to rest skin.

Wait at least 1 day (especially for the bikini line)
and scrub in the shower. It will also remove any traces of excess wax or stickiness.

Dead Sea Salt, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Organic Turmeric Powder, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Organic Mustard Powder, Rosemary Oleoresin

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