Cow Fart Bath Salt

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Traditional Medicinal Bath Skincare

Improve overall well-being through transdermal mineral absorption and botanical aromatherapy. Our time-tested blend of salts from a variety of ancient sea beds and mountain mines offer what your body needs for optimal functioning. Inhale the incredibly intoxicating natural scents from the unique cow fart botanicals. Enjoying a salt bath 3 times per week has been shown to increase overall vitality and health.

Special Notes
Enjoying a salt bath 2-3 times a week has been shown to increase overall vitality and health. If you are unwell in any way (autoimmune disease, diabetes, etc) you may want to speak with your doctor to see if it is appropriate for you.
Water that is too hot is damaging to the skin even if it does not actually burn you! Bathing water above 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius) can cause physiological effects that could compromise an adult person’s health. The ideal temperature for a baby’s bath water or for the elderly is between 96.8 to 100.4 Fahrenheit (36 degrees Celsius).

For best results, use within 5 years.
External use only.


Run a bath of hot water. Add 2 tablespoons for an adult (1 tablespoon for a child) in a regular size bath tub. Relax for 10-15 minutes.

A foot bath is a lovely way to reap many of the same benefits.

For babies under two, please use Baby Moon Milk Bath.

Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Magnesium Mineral Flakes, Neem Seed Oil*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, herbal extraction of Camphor*, pure essential oils of Bulgarian Rose*, ecologically harvested Sandalwood*, and Holy Basil*
* organic ingredient

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