Crystal Mountains

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Each beautiful stone has a unique construction of energy bringing vibrational medicine to increase our flow of energy and contribute to our healing both physical and spiritual.

Labradorite Mountain Finding Treasure in the Darkness
In times of difficulty, this stone helps with metamorphosis of the heart. At first glance, all one can see is the dark, but upon contemplative examination, pools of iridescent light. At the edge of shadow, suffering is not wasted, but works to grow love and compassion in the heart.
{3-4in tall}

Rose Quartz Opening to the treasures and blessings that are in store for you
A beautiful aid in the cultivation of lovingkindness to the self and others, and in particular is helpful in finding a way to open up for all that we need, in accepting love, not just giving it. {about 2in tall}

Amethyst Mountain Manifestation of the heart’s desires and life’s purpose
This purple crystal bridges a connection between the thinking mind and awareness of the spirit. Place this amethyst mountain near your bed at night to sleep deeply and wake rested, ready to create and manifest.
{3-4in tall}

Clear Raw Crystal The window of light into the metaphysical world
This crystal contains the entire color spectrum, and can be used to amplify wisdom, prayers, and manifestations from the spirit to the physical. This clarifying prism will assist us in connecting to our wisest selves with focus and a quiet heart.
{Fits in an open palm}

Volcanic Obsidian Crystal Protection & Courage in the face of Shadow
This crystal is your sword against negative energy and a powerful anchor for keeping you grounded through your root chakra. Its mirrored surface reflects all the different angles of yourself, revealing hidden dimensions whilst accompanying you on your shadow work.
{Fits two open palms}

Selenite Mountain Peace, Purity, and Higher Consciousness
Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, is truly unique for metaphysical purposes. Hold to assist with meditation, astral projection and Crown chakra development. Cleanses negative energies in the air and other stones and objects. Aligns our energies in a direct connection to higher consciousness.
{4-5in tall}

Black Tourmaline Protection & Spiritual Grounding
This powerful agent will aid in the elimination of negaitve energy as well as absorbing electromagnetic waves that can cause body disruption. Use it to ground yourself during plant medicine journeys or keep near you when you work with internet connected devices.
{4-5in tall}

*Stone Sizes and Shapes will vary to some extent*

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