Functional Self-Care Consultation

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Come sit down with one of our certified herbalists and discuss your health journey though a functional lens. You will go through your dietary and lifestyle habits with a fine-tooth comb to determine where you could improve the way your body gets its basic needs met in order to improve functionality.

You will leave with a clear understanding of how to go from where you are to a place of true "self" care. Your herbalist will plot out a Plan for Optimal Vibrancy and give you specific worksheets to follow to get you to your next step.

Please come with an open mind, as well as a list of supplements and medications you are taking. A week of a dietary/lifestyle journal is helpful, though not necessary.

Initial Consultation {60 minutes. $140}
Continuing Consultations {30 minutes. $90}
Package {1 Initial Consultation, 3 Continuing Consultations. $380}

(Does NOT include facial or treatments)

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