Hand Sanity Sanitizer

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Specially formulated for safe use during pregnancy, on children, and for sensitive or dry skin. Made with our Clean & Green essential oil blend that naturally fight germs. No foaming agents or added. Contains at least 66% 200-proof pure non-denatured Ethyl alcohol content (food grade) as recommended for effective sanitizing by the FDA. Saponified organic olive and coconut oils help protect your hands from drying out with continued use.

Your Hand Sanity may not foam very much, depending on the exact amount of oils that your bottle contains. If it is more liquid, it's a slightly higher % alcohol and equally effective as one that is more foamy.

For best results, use within 3 years.
External use only.

2oz & 16oz

Shake bottle before use.
Apply 1 pump of Hand Sanity to disinfect hands. Rub for 20 seconds for effectiveness.

To refill, shake refill bottle first before pouring.

Organic Ethyl Alcohol, saponified organic olive oil, distilled water, essential oils of sweet orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, cedar, lavender, lemon, and tea tree

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