Here You Go {Gut Support}

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One Minute Gut Support • Prebiotic

When we actively take measures to change the terrain of the gut, beneficial bacteria are able to proliferate and the bad microbes hop onboard the nearest transit system to the toilet. This unique blend of natural plant fibers and silica work together to provide the gut with what it needs to host happy microbes: A strong structural form, soluble fiber to remove wastes and protect the pH, and gut-food in the form of prebiotics. Especially helpful if you are currently eating a low-fiber diet and trying to increase dietary fiber to improve bowel function.

Please note that some gas or bloating may occur if your digestive system is not yet used to getting ample soluble fiber or your microbiome is shifting to allow for the proliferation of “good” microbes with the addition of prebiotics. This will usually subside in 3-7 days and, in the meantime, you may want to reduce the amount of powder you add to your diet.

Plantain Seed (Psyllium), Larch Tree Powder (Arabinogalactan), Slippery Elm Bark Powder (Ulmus rubra), Diatomaceous Earth (Silica)

Mix 1/8 tsp of powder with 4 -8 oz warm water. Gently swish, stir, or shake the mixture for 1 minute then drink within 10 minutes. Follow with another glass of water. Add flavor/juice if desired. Take up to 2x daily with low-fiber meals.

You want the powder to start absorbing the water, but not to become a mucilaginous mass before you drink it—we want that to happen on the inside!