Japanese Sencha • Green Tea

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Harvested from a single estate, these organic Japanese Sencha tea leaves have been carefully steamed, not pan-baked like other greens teas. When infused gently, Sencha reveals an enticing balance of sweet and bitter tastes. Lower water temperature and shorter steeping is recommended. The ideal method of infusing involves dropping leaves in the heated water pot directly and then straining the tea when serving into cups. With this method, pour out all tea or it may become bitter. The strength and flavor of tea is a personal experience, so play with the variables until you feel content with your tea.

Naturally contains caffeine.
Store in a cool place and do not allow liquid inside the container.


Use 1/2 Teaspoon of tea per 8oz water.
Water temperature should be ~180°F (not boiling). Steep for 1-2 minutes.

Organic Japanese Sencha - Green Tea leaves

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