OH d' BROOKLYN - Vetiver, Cedar, Jasmine & Frankincense

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Nature Grown Apothecary Botanicals ° Pure, Natural Scents ° No Additives

We wanted to smell of these incredible botanicals, without all the endocrine disrupters of conventional perfumes. Thus was born OH d' BROOKLYN, named so because, as much as this is our Eau (water), we aren't French and neither is this perfume. Also it's not a thick cloud of scent that will make your fellow commuter's eyes water on the subway, or announce your arrival before you enter a space. It's subtle, understated, and precious.

Choose between our Roller Version (10ml) or a Big One (2oz) to sit on the boudoir shelf and look as amazing as it smells. Or one of each.

Vetiver, Cedar, Jasmine & Frankincense ~ My Life
These powerful botanical spirits connect us closely to Mother Nature and illuminate our truest nature. Vetiver is an incredible anchor that draws us to the earth and plants us firmly in our bodies, becoming alive to their intricacy and beauty. Cedar, traditionally used in ritual purification, assists us in seeking our vision quests.
Jasmine, the most sensuous of nature’s perfumes, awakens our perception to the
divine beauty in all things. Frankincense promotes feelings of harmony & mindfulness.

Good for many years if kept dry & in cool conditions.
External use only. 

Apply according to your mood and renew as often as you like. This scent will fade as it evaporates into the ether, transporting your dreams and the desires of your heart.

Traditional organic linimental dispersion of Chrysopogon zizanioides (Vetiver), Cedrus (Cedar), Jasminum officinale (Jasmine), and Boswellia sacra (Frankincense) essences

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