Oh d' Brookyn Rollers {Pure Natural Scent}

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Pure, Natural Scent

Use: Roll on skin, especially pressure points. Apply according to your mood and renew as often as you like. This scent will fade as it evaporates into the ether, transporting your dreams and the desires of your heart.

Perfectly gifted in a Kraft Gift Tube ($4)

We spent a lot of time honing what our goals actually are with these scents.
1. We feel that they aren’t the same as a perfume: Perfume seems to be sticky in the sense that it stays around long after the person has left the room. We have an abhorrence to these types of products. We find them to be invasions that we can’t get rid of.
2. With conventional perfumes, the human nose becomes accustomed to them, and can’t really smell it anymore. So we don't need to make them too strong.We call this nose exhaustion, and when we are working with scents, we actually have to rest our nose, or reset it (by taking a few deep inhales of coffee beans), or our sense of smell becomes dulled with too much stimulation. So enough is enough, more is not better.
3. When we came up with the name Oh d’ Brooklyn, it really captured an essence of ethereality. The exclamation (Oh!) invokes the feeling you get with a fleeting thought or burst of inspiration. This is a counter-cultural (and very Brooklyn) idea that we should experience the present, personal moment with joy rather than a tired, overused narrative that a perfume makes you into something you are not. Or worse, that attempts to broadcast an identity by invading the olfactory space of one's fellow humans.

So our aim with our Oh d' Brooklyn Scents is to brighten and lift the spirit in a more temporary fashion, and to reapply throughout the day, giving ourselves that little lift that happens only when we haven’t already dulled our senses. It’s not really all that great for our already-wired and overly-excited bodies to bombard the nervous system with the excitement of a delicious scent continuously over the course of hours.

My Feelings
• Botanical Essences of Clary Sage, Rose, & Bergamot
These flowering botanicals offer a window into the sweetness of each moment, stopping to smell the flowers that appear along the journey. The velvety warmth of the Rose is balanced by the crisp citrus Bergamot and held in contrast
with Clary Sage, well known for its health benefits, as it harmonizes hormone spikes
that come with our cycles and at transition times. Use to open yourself to the source of feminine power, open your eyes to the beauty of the moment, and bring bright sun energy into your life.
My Desire
• Botanical Essences of Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood
Sweet and musky, lingering dark velvety undertones. Patchouli, Rose & Sandalwood come together with a wild abandon and passionate freedom. If one could encapsulate the sound of the creation of the universe, the OM, perhaps it would resonate with this ethereal combination, earth & divine together, singing in harmony. These botanicals have long been used for love spells and sex magick, manifesting the Goddess Aphrodite herself and attracting the object of your desire. My Attitude
• Botanical Essences of Geranium, Jasmine, Sandalwood
With potent healing capacity, this trio of botanicals connect us an inner equilibrium between our female and male energies, allowing for harmonious growth. Geranium has the capacity to help the mind focus and center when we feel off balance. Sandalwood, the most sacred of trees, is balancing and calming, displaying a masculine side of our persons. Jasmine is superbly feminine and also used in tantric and sacred unions. Myrrh is included for its power of spiritual opening. My Life
• Botanical Essences of Vetiver, Cedar, Jasmine, Frankincense
These powerful botanical spirits connect us closely to Mother Nature and illuminate our truest nature. Vetiver is an incredible anchor that draws us to the earth and plants us firmly in our bodies, becoming alive to their intricacy and beauty. Cedar, traditionally used in ritual purification, assists us in seeking our vision quests. Jasmine, the most sensuous of nature’s perfumes, awakens our perception to the divine beauty in all things. Frankincense promotes feelings of harmony & mindfulness. My Wisdom
• Botanical Essences of Juniper & Lavender
These two forest inhabitants work beautifully together to bring deep and radiant wisdom to the body and spirit. Lavender is traditionally used for calmly healing at all levels, linking the chakras and tending to the flow of energy. Juniper is strongly protective and brings us into playful interaction with nature spirits. Use for those seeking wellness, wholeness and a wise heart that is connected our collective mycelium.Rose & Neroli
• Botanical Essences of Rose & Neroli
The sweet, intoxicating Rose needs no introduction, the Queen of flowers, a symbol of love and beauty. Roses deliver deep therapeutic benefits as a natural tension reliever & mood transformer. Equally precious, Neroli is distilled from the
white blossom of the orange tree. The earthy, floral aroma is rich in regenerative & protective elements. Neroli uplifts the spirit, soothing and illuminating inside & out. Charged with rose quartz crystal for lovingkindness.
Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang
• Botanical Essences of Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang
Jasmine, precious night-blooming white flowers, have been used for millenia to calm the nervous system and dissolve emotional barriers, allowing for a deepening connection to the self and others. Mandarin is known for its happiness promotion properties, relieving stress and bringing attention to the blessing of the present moment. Ylang ylang has a deep earthy greenery, traditionally used in love tonics. Charged with Orange Citrine Crystal for high vibration.Ingredients
Traditional organic linimental dispersion of our special blends of essential oils

Keeps very well for a long time.
External use only.

10ml Roller ° Shake before Applying ° No Additives