Organic Cotton Facial Compression Towel

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Unbleached, undyed, and free of flame retardants

In the evening, use as an herbal compression at night to steam and remove your oil cleanser. Inner Strength Tea and any of our Stress Bump Teas can be make into Herbal Infusions for topical use.

Herbal Compression
Steep the herbs for an appropriate amount of time and strain into a large bowl. Use a little warm or cool water to bring to a comfortable temperature. Soak a cloth in this water and make a compress. Hold the saturated cloth to your skin. Herbal compression is done without product in the morning.

At night, an herbal compress can be a method of steaming and removing your oil cleanser. Follow with 5-6 sprays of your Mineral Mist. Do not moisturize before bed in order to allow your skin to perform its renewal function.

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