Plant Medicine Tinctures

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Small Batch crafted by Corpus Ritual

These 1oz tinctures of powerful plant medicine each have a special use:
All herbs are either locally and ethically hand-collected or come from an organic herb company or farm.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Not for use during pregnancy.

Elderberry & Ginger: Immune support - anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-inflamatory, helps swollen sinuses, increases sweating to sweat through the illness, is a diuretic, and offers laxative support.Ingredients: elderberry, ginger, brandy and raw organic honey

Give Less Shits: The name says it all. Ingredients: rose, lavender, oat tops, schizandra, organic raw honey and brandy.

Trauma Heart Heal: Perfect for honoring and holding all the heartbreaks. Ingredients: rose, hawthorn, motherwort, carnelian and rose quartz crystal essences, organic raw honey and brandy.

Aller Ease: It’s an anti-inflammatory blend that relieves symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose and also has a trillion nutrients.

F*cking Hell: This formula isn’t meant to erase the hard stuff we’re navigating but rather, help us stay afloat, help us find our way, lift some of the heaviness so that we can hold steady. The way through is to feel it all and feel it we will do— but with a little help from our plant friends. Note: There are a number of contraindications for use of St. John's Wort and a solid list is here. Please review before considering. Not for use for people taking SSRIs as St. John's Wort is contraindicated. And if you are taking estrogen or HRT, if your levels are "balanced" it can shift the levels a bit and could make it seem as if you are a bit deficient, while taking SJW, or overloaded if you stop. It's not necessarily a reason to not take it, but something to consider and perhaps if you do decide to try it, a lower dose and monitoring your levels is ideal.

It is sometimes recommended that those navigating Bipolar or finding themselves on the higher for activated/ manic ends of the spectrum limit mimosa use. Might also be helpful to instead work with it in drop “spirit” doses where it can support on more on an energetic level.

Lung Loving: It helps soothe dry, brittle lung and throat tissue, inflammation and spasms, open the bronchioles, and reduces excessive mucus build up. And thanks to splash of lobelia, it helps activate the vagus nerve and invites us into a parasympathetic state. It can be taken longterm like a tonic but it’s best used daily for a few weeks to a month, and then maybe taking a break from it for a few days to a week, before continuing use.

Liver Friend: Bitter and astringent daily support to help sluggishness and processing of the day to day and also when you are engaging in excess or overwhelm (food, alcohol, waves of emotions like anger). A lot of chronic skin conditions also link back to sluggish liver function so over time, with regular use of this formula, you might notice that your skin clears up a bit and is less responsive/ reactive. It can also help move occasional constipation.

Yikes Cramps: Use to ease pain including headaches and reduce cramping and bloating while helping to support overall regulation of your menstrual cycle. There’s even a little anxiety and overall PMS support.It’s best utilized by taking it daily for a handful of days before your period to help with PMS and cycle regulation and then, as your cycle begins, if you start to experience pain, you can take it every few hours for the first few days. As your body builds up a relationship with the plants, you will hopefully notice relief from some of the symptoms in those first few days.

Pain Portal: A powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory formula for decreasing the pain response, decreasing inflammation, and bringing a sense of ease in the face of acute or chronic pain. If you experience inflammation, joint and/or muscle stiffness, nerve pain, headaches, difficulty sleeping because of pain, or even digestive discomfort, and more, this friend is a good friend to work with.

Bitters on Bitters: For easing digestion, soothing gas and bloating and can also relieve occasional heart burn and nausea. Ingredients: ginger root, orange peel, burdock root, angelica root, sage, gotu kola, chamomile, organic raw honey, & brandy.

Panic Bloom: For catching anxiety before it blooms into a full panic attack. Ingredients: hawthorn, motherwort, oat tops, rhodiola, organic raw honey, and brandy.

Build Back Up: If your adrenals and nervous system are crashed out, and you’re running on fumes, and the depression and anxiety keep nipping at your heels, this blend is for you. Ingredients: wood betony, oat tops, rose, tulsi, & vodka.

Radiance: A great digestive remedy, it's helpful for when your nerves get the best of you and your belly suffers. Ingredients: lavender, yarrow, mugwort & vodka.

Gingko: For brain function. Ingredients: gingko leaf & vodka.

Calendula: Oral rinse & for topical abrasions. Ingredients: calendula & vodka

Catnip: Antiviral and great for sleep. Ingredients: catnip & vodka

Chamomile: For digestion and calming. Ingredients: gingko leaf & vodka

Echinacea: a great herbal antibiotic for the onset of colds. Ingredients: gingko leaf & vodka

Linden: For relief & grief. Ingredients: gingko leaf & vodka

Motherwort: Nerve soothing. Ingredients: motherwort & vodka

Mullen: For lung love. Ingredients: Mullen & vodka

Reishi: Double extraction. An immune booster and for skin clearing. Ingredients: gingko leaf & vodka

Sweetbitter: Bitters are known for easing digestion, soothing gas and bloating and can also relieve occasional heart burn and nausea. Ingredients: fresh lilacs, chamomile, motherwort, orange peel, organic dark maple, and vodka

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