Pore Refining Clay Mask

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This pore refining blend of kelp (seaweed) and clay removes impacted debris and revitalizes dehydrated, dull skin. If your skin tends towards congestion, this can be used as a regular cleanser.

About Our Clay Masks
Clay has traditionally been used to DRAW out (not dry out) impurities through the processes of adsorption and absorption. As good as gold, the Earth’s silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc and other minerals bind with metabolic and environmental toxins that other types of cleansing just don’t address. The bond they form is called an ionic bond, and we refer to the type of cleansing that our masks provide as ionic cleansing.

In addition to this special housekeeping duty, our clay mixes are formulated to support specific functional issues. By keeping the surface hydrated with various sea "weeds" (Kelp and Irish Moss) and maintaining an intact structural barrier, additional minerals from the sea as well as added zinc stay behind to energize the cells and increase intra-cellular communication.

All clay masks bring more blood flow to the surface of the skin, increasing circulation. On sensitive skin or individuals who have a tendency towards redness, this may give them a flushed look upon removal. This is a beneficial action and should not cause alarm.

This product prefers cool & dry conditions out of direct sunlight and will stay potent for a long time.

External use only.
May stain washcloths and clothing.

Mask 1x a week
Massage 6-10 drops of a Facial Oil over your entire face {NO EVIL, Nourish & Replenish Oil, Cow Fart Juice or Seeds of Change}.
Mix together 2 tsp clay + 3 tsp water
Apply mask over oil and relax for 8-10 minutes.
Press a warm, damp cloth into the mask to loosen before removing.

Cleanser 1-2x a week
Massage 6-10 drops of a Facial Oil over your entire face.
1 tsp clay + 2 tsp water
Mix clay and water in palm and gently massage over face. Wet fingertips and massage into compacted areas. Remove with a warm, wet washcloth

Spot Treatment
Mix a pinch of clay with equal water in palm. Add 1 drop Cow Fart Juice if applying to pimples or open skin. Add a pump of Mineral Mist if the spot is welty or itchy. Dot onto problem spot/areas. Leave overnight, or let dry & remove with a warm, wet washcloth.

Montmorillonite (green), Rhassoul, Kelp (seaweed)

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