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What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is branch of the meditative therapeutic arts meant to deepen experience, manifest creation, explore the mind, transform consciousness, and invoke healing. Sound works as a gateway in the meditative process, cutting through the thinking mind, and giving greater access to spaciousness and catharsis.

Consider the use of bells, rattles, flutes, didgeridoos, metal bowls and drums that are all thousands of years old. There has perhaps never been a time where people have not implemented sound as a means of easement and connection.

How is this form of therapy helpful?

When sound reaches us, it disrupts our cognitive patterns of stress, redirects our attention, and shifts our feeling state all with little effort on our behalf. When this vibrational effect is coupled with clear intent and alignment from your practitioner, we indeed have stepped into a powerful place. 

Sound brings our being into co-resonance with the vibration of the universe, that which connects us to each other and all that is. Through aligning with the fundamental, inherent quality of the sound, and coupling that with clear intent and coherence of emotion, heightened states of awareness can be reached, and intentions made manifest. 

Crystal work is included in this offering:

Our Sound Healing Therapy offering includes the energetic power of crystals. Minerals of earth are also of stars, dancing in perfect harmony. We are part of this system, made of stardust as well, and this harmony is our grounding. Each crystal is like a musical note. They are vibrational. When we work with stones, the energy and vibration of the stone helps adjust our own energy. If you are feeling out of balance, a particular note, or set of notes, will help your own personal song retune and be in greater harmony. The most important element of harmonization is your ability to pay attention and be present in the moment of connection.

What can you expect from this practice?

Sound vibration, amplified by crystals, acts as outstanding conduit for relaxation, physical healing, emotional clearing and spiritual connection. Similar to radio waves which can be heard but not seen, when it comes to energy, most of us can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working.  As practitioners, we merely can invite healing to flow through us in any way that is appropriate for you for where you are. You may find that as we hold a coherent space for you, heavy energy can begin to dissipate and light shine on shadow. 

 Can I do a Virtual Session?

In our experience, virtual sound work is very effective and can yield highly transformational results. We encourage you to book a virtual session with us from any location. Distance means nothing to energy and as long as we have a solid internet connection to you, the sound will have as powerful an impact as in person work.

In-Person Location:

All our in-person Sound Healing Therapy sessions are offered by Brooklyn Herborium Co-founder Molly Watman at our Windsor Terrace Workshop location.

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