Stress Bump Tea for Forehead

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Stress Bump Tea for Forehead
Thinking too much? Feeling reactive? Body tissues not healing well? Stress Bump for Forehead tea uses herbs that reduce histamine over-action while boosting lymphatic movement which encouraging the histamine “itchiness” to exit through urinary flow instead of your skin. In addition, Gotu Kola is known to encourage healthy regrowth of tissues and increase circulation to the brain.

How does this Work?

The skin can function as an organ of elimination. Your body has four pathways for removal of the daily toxins that it creates (or may be exposed to): bowel movements, urine, breath, or the skin. If elimination from the first three are impaired, this debris manifests as lumps and bumps under your skin!
Our stress bumps teas are designed to improve lymphatic flow in addition to encouraging the body to dump metabolic debris from specific body functions into the urinary system in order for it to be gently removed.

Mental Health Note:

Because it is more active than most of the herbs we recommend, pregnant women and anyone taking SSRI medications should consult their health care provider before using anything internally with Gotu Kola. A tea is not a substitute for a good therapist.


When to Drink Stress Bump Tea for Forehead:
2 cups a day when you have active, itchy, underground bumps on your forehead, between the eyebrows, at the hairline, near the temples or around the neck (up to 3 weeks before taking a month-long break). When you are studying or rebuilding brain pathways (emotional housekeeping): 1-2 cups while studying or practicing metacognition. 1 cup when you need to access the learned information or loosen up the mental debris.

How to Make Your Stress Bump Teas:
• Scoop loose tea into heat safe vessel. (1Tbsp per cup or ¼ cup per quart)
• Pour boiling water over herbs--let steep for up to 8 hours
• Strain into cup (any time after 15 minutes) for immediate use. Can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.
• Enjoy cold, heated on the stovetop, or diluted with hot water.

For chronic issues, a good starting plan may be:
2 cups per day for 3 weeks

Take a 2 week break

2 cups a day for 2 weeks

Take a 2 week break

After that, 2 cups a day for 1 week out of every month

100% Organic Blue Violet, Plantain, Gotu Kola

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