Vintage Kantha Quilt - Emerald

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Gorgeous colorful quilt made of Kantha quilt fabric. No two quilts are alike, as artisans in India construct the fabric by quilting upcycled fabric together in unique patchwork patterns with distinctive, wavy Kantha embroidery.

The blanket is beautiful on two sides, as each side has a unique pattern.
Kantha simply means : “patched cloth” and refers to both the tradition of producing these unique, colorful quilted blankets, as well as the craft and stitch itself (a small, straight running stitch specially in far eastern embroidery).

We love making something useful and alluring out of discarded and unused items. We feel this is the path we must take if we are to live mindfully in a world of limited resources.

Why does this quilt cost $195?
Each piece is hand made with an attention to detail by a skilled Indian artisan (Adult!) who is paid a living wage and working in clean healthy conditions.

The size and weight of each quilt varies.

size: W 120 ~ 150 x L 180 ~ 200 cm
vintage cotton / made in India

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