Help from the Inside

Help from the Inside

In addition to topical care, it is crucial to recognize that many topical skin conditions are the result of what is happening inside the body. Because of this, Brooklyn Herborium offers a variety of Herbal Helpers to support the body’s overall ability to function well. 

Nourishing Teas for Good Cellular Communication


These nourishing teas are delightful for anyone to drink with their meals and at tea time as an enjoyable beverage. Those who tend towards redness and irritability in their skin may find that replacing other beverages with these herbal teas improves how they feel and how the nervous system responds to stress.

  • Inner Strength Herbal Tea (Minerals for strength and endurance)
  • Inner Peace Herbal Tea (Minerals for balance)

Herbal Teas That Support Specific Harmony Zones & Body Systems


These herbal teas support specific body systems to improve the overall harmony within the body. Typically consumed with a meal or directly afterward, it is important to drink according to the instructions on the package. There’s no need to overdo it!

  • Rest & Digest Herbal Tea - Harmony Zone 1: Above lip and around mouth (Physical Correspondence:  Intestines and Elimination, Emotional Correspondence: Groundedness)
  • Stress Bump Tea (For Chin) - Harmony Zone 2: Chin (Physical Correspondence: Reproductive Organs and Hormones, Emotional Correspondence: Creativity and Pleasure 
  • Blessed Recovery Herbal Tea - For guidance through hormonal shifts such as puberty, childbearing-related ups and downs, and menopause.
  • Stress Bumps Tea (for Cheeks) - Harmony Zone 3: Middle of Cheeks (Physical Correspondence: Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys, Emotional Correspondence: Power, motivation)
  • Heart Chakra Herbal Tea - Harmony Zone 4: Nose (Physical Correspondence: Heart and Insulin Production, Emotional Correspondence: Non-duality, peace, lovingkindness)
  • Throat Chakra Herbal Tea - Harmony Zone 5: Around eyes - Physical Correspondence: Lungs, throat, Emotional Correspondence: Speaking Your Truth, self-expression)
  • Stress Bump Tea (For Forehead) - Harmony Zone 6: Forehead (Physical Correspondence: Brain & Nervous System Emotional Correspondence: Knowing Your Truth, perception, knowingness, and non-judgment)
  • Detox Herbal Tea - Harmony Zone 7: Around the entire face–hairline, in front of ears, sides of chin (Physical Correspondence: Body Mind Integration and Stress Hormones, Emotional Correspondence: Connection with the spirit, surrender)

10 Minute Teas (Adrenal Support)


These herbal teas are brewed for exactly ten minutes to get precisely the nutrients we are looking to get out of these specific herbs. While they can be sipped after a meal if you are trying to turn around a chronic pattern (read directions), these are often brewed on demand and then sipped when the occasion warrants. 

  • 10-Minute Wondermint Herbal Tea - Supports adrenal glands and sympathetic nervous system. Energetically clears built-up grievances, allowing the body to get unstuck from patterns of reactivity. It helps to connect to the present so that we can focus our attention on shifting destructive emotional response patterns. (Physical Indications: Breakouts from cheeks to sides of the face (The area where Wolverine grows a beard) as well as chest and back. Emotional Indications: Intermittent feelings of anger or frustration.)
  • 10-Minute Remembrance Herbal Tea - Supports adrenal glands and sympathetic nervous system. Energetically boosts positive memories while “taking the edge off” of harsh moments from our past. It helps us connect to the present so that we can focus our attention and create lasting memories for the future. (Physical Indications: Breakouts from the lower front and back of the ears to down the neck on the sides and shoulders. Emotional Indications: Intermittent feelings of grief and overwhelm)

Biological Life-Shifters


These specialized all-natural products are used as needed to rehabilitate an internal body system that has been thrown off balance due to insufficient diet, poor sleep habits, significant lifestyle changes, or just the accumulation of the daily stresses of life.

  • Here You Go! One-Minute Gut Support (For improving elimination and the microbiome)
  • 4 Mushroom Blend & Inner Wisdom 4 Mushroom Blend Cocoa (For supporting the hormones and internal messaging)
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil (For dryness during perimenopause and menopause)

Herbal Medicine Making Kits


  • Bitters Tincture Kit - Make your own bitters tincture to enhance digestive fire.
  • Elderberry Syrup Kit - Make your own elderberry syrup to assist your immune system through cold and flu season.
Herbal Medicinal Herbal Tea

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