Holistic Aesthetician Apprenticeship

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We have been nurturing and mentoring holistic aestheticians since 2010. If our processes and methods speak to you and you want to delve deeply into the type of holistic wisdom we practice, an apprenticeship may be right for you. Apprenticeship is not the same as taking a class or attending workshops. You must be willing to invest yourself, work hard, and respect the mentors who are taking time from their busy practices to pass this wisdom on to you.

Practitioner Apprentice Package

What you get with the Practitioner Apprentice Package

BYATM Functional Skin Care Products Full Back Bar ( $1331 value - enough for 80+ facials)

  • 4 oz No Evil
  • 2 oz Nourish & Replenish
  • 2 oz Cow Fart Juice
  • 1 oz Seeds of Change
  • 4 oz Pore Refining Mineral Mist
  • 4 oz Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist
  • 4 oz Clear Complexion Mineral Mist
  • 4 oz Integrity Mineral Mist
  • 4 oz Sow Your Wild Oats Grain Cleanser
  • 4 oz Pore Refining Perfection Clay Mask
  • 4 oz Sense & Sensitivity Perfection Clay Mask
  • 4 oz Clear ComplexionPerfection Clay Mask
  • 2 oz Integrity Biome Mask
  • 1 oz Vita C 10 Minute Dry Serum (AKA “Clearing Serum”)
  • 8 oz Massage in a Bottle
  • 1 oz Orange Blossom Honey
  • 1 oz Calendula Infused Honey
  • 1 oz Silk & Pearls Treatment Booster
  • 4 oz Herbal Steamer (Dry Herbs)
  • 4 oz Inner Strength Herbal Infusion (Tea)
  • 4 oz Inner Peace Herbal Infusion (Tea)
  • Stress Bump Tea for Chin
  • Stress Bump Tea for Cheeks
  • Stress Bump Tea for Forehead

Tools and Towels ($154 Value - More available to purchase separately)

  • 2 exclusive Stainless Facial Point Stimulation Wands
  • 1 Aventurine Crystal Heart-shaped Massage Tool
  • 1 Large Selenite Wand
  • 10 Organic Cotton Facial Compression Towels
  • 10 Organic Cotton Facial Birdseye Washcloths

Printed Educational Materials ($270 Value)

  • Supportive Skincare Techniques and Protocols (60 page in Binder)
  • Functional Skin Care Product Guide (30 + pages)
  • Supportive Skincare in Theory and Practice by Emma Graves (Spiral-bound copy)
  • Apprentice Journal (Binder) with downloads to print out sheets for 2021 Natural Calendar and Planner​

The Art & Science of Supportive Skincare Trainings (VIP Membervault Modules $2000 Value)

  • Supportive Skincare /Brooklyn Herborium Orientation
  • “Minding” Your Business (Holistic Business Practices)
  • Supportive Skincare Techniques and Protocols
  • Crafting an Ideal Supportive Skin Care Regimen
  • Functional Self Care
  • Holistic Methodology Intensive (SOAP Studies)
  • Integrative Therapies Intensive (Congestion/dehydration, Barrier Repair, Biome Rehabilitation, Reducing Redness and Reactivity, Improve the appearance of Tertiary Conditions, and Maintaining Radiance at Every Age.)
  • Body-Mind Alignment Techniques
  • Herbal Infusions Intensive Study (Herbal Compression, Honey Tapping, Clearing Serum, Integrity Biome Mask)
  • A Whole-body Approach to Physiology
  • The Practicing Practitioner
  • Advanced Massage Techniques (Alignment, Breakdown, Contour, Drain)
  • Exploring the 7 Harmony Zones
  • The 5 Step Plan for Optimal Vibrancy
  • Utilizing Subtle Energy in Your Practice
  • Maiden, Mother, Crone (Revision Sessions and Rising Up)
  • BONUS: Emotional Housekeeping Workshop
  • BONUS: RPF Natural Beauty Techniques

Other Perks to Our Holistic Practitioner  Apprenticeship

  • Apprentice Journal (Binder) with downloads to print out sheets for Natural Calendar and Planner
  • Wholesale Account with Brooklyn Herborium/Between You & The Moon - can be used to purchase additional back-bar items and service room tools & towels.
  • In-person 4 hour “Practitioner Orientation” in Brooklyn or a 2 hour phone/zoom consultation with Emma Graves + Videos to help you get acquainted with using these unique products in your services. (You may upgrade to book a Private Orientation for $450 More)
  • Invitation to attend all Apprentice Circles at Brooklyn Herborium Windsor Terrace
  • Invites to our twice a year Revision Sessions 
  • The Practitioner Package entitles you to 12 months of access to our online Educational Hub*** which includes a Private Blog and Online Forum
Total Cost of Holistic Practitioner Apprenticeship $2980 

***To maintain Active Practitioner Apprentice Status in our Educational Hub, which entitles you continued access to the online Educational Hub you must meet any one of the following qualifications:
  • Attend a minimum of 2 Apprentice Circles per 6 month period
  • Invest in purchasing at least $300 wholesale BYATM Products for your inventory per 3 month period
  • Pay the Apprentice Program Fee $1200 each additional year. Limited work-study is available after you have completed your first year.

​You may stay on as a Practitioner or as a Practitioner Apprentice as long as you continue to meet the requirements.

More about our Practitioner Apprenticeship
Expect to want to stick around for years, as there is always more to learn. We dig DEEP! Sometime around your second year, we will decide if you should stay a Junior Apprentice or are ready to move on to Senior Apprentice---there's no shame in staying a little longer as a Junior, we just know that it's a lot to learn in one year and some need to take it slower. Senior Apprentices are expected to turn in 4 case studies within the year.

Educational Resources 
  • Access to the Apprentice-Only pages of our Supportive Skin Care Educational Hub
    • Online Lessons (webinars), Downloadable worksheets, Demonstration videos, etc
    • Private Blog with updates from each of our Apprentice Circles and Regular Lessons
  • Printed Resources: Over 200 Pages
    • Techniques & Protocols Manual
    • Regimen & Rituals/Product Guide
    • Lessons in Supportive Skin Care Binder
  • Zoom Meetings
    • 4 one-on-one 30 minute Zoom calls with Emma or a Senior Practitioner
    • Monthly Scheduled Zoom Q&A which will be recorded and distributed
  • Practice Days
    • We schedule a few days a year (usually around another event when Out of Town Practitioners may be around) where we pull out our Army triage cots and get hands-on with one another. These are usually informal, fun, and extremely helpful. If the weather is nice, we can drag the cots to Prospect Park!

Further Education
We have so many workbooks and videos and other information that we distribute when we feel is appropriate. Part of an apprenticeship is learning to receive the right information at the right time, so cultivate patience as we distribute within the Educational Hub and in physical form. One of our favorite things to do is to provide a surprise "Lesson" (usually with a little gift) just when it is need.

Apprentice Circles
Apprentice circles are continually happening (just about every-other week) Tuesdays from 12:30-4:30) at the Windsor Terrace Location. We offer about 20 per year and try to cover each topic twice within each calendar year. The format has been arranged so that anyone who has participated in a Practitioner Orientation with us can jump in at any time (perhaps with a little pre-reading and worksheets from the classroom). The shop opens at noon and you are invited to arrive early and chat over herbal tea with your colleagues.  Apprentices may attend as many Apprentice Circles as they can get themselves to within one calendar year of their start date. Practitioners who are not current apprentices may attend an individual Apprentice Circles for $180.

Product Purchasing Options
  • Practitioners and Practitioner Apprentices get 20% off any Between You & The Moon products when purchased at an Apprentice Circle.
  • Only Practitioners and Practitioner Apprentices are allowed to purchase service room supplies such as our Herb Press, Facial Compression Towels, Birdseye Washcloths, Cork-top Jars, and Facial Massage Wands. 
  • Practitioners and Practitioner Apprentices can purchase items off of the Practitioner Line Sheet at the Professional Price. These items are considered our Backbar Sizes and are comprised of the Functional Skin Care Line as well as a few offerings from the Advanced Skin Care Line.
  • Practitioners are granted a wholesale account and can purchase products at wholesale prices. Wholesale is 6 of each product in the same size at a time. We have no minimums for wholesale purchases. You do not need to be a BYATM Practitioner or Apprentice to apply for or receive wholesaler status. (Apply Here)

Purchasing Policies
Wholesale Purchases
  • Must buy 6 of each item (in the same size/style)
  • Packaged and labeled to sell to your clients
  • No Tax
  • You collect sales tax (determined by your state) when you sell it which will then be paid to your state
Service Room Purchases and Samples are considered Retail
  • Can purchase in any quantity
  • Are only available in specific sizes (usually the largest size available)
  • Packaged for Practitioner Use
  • NYS law requires that we charge sales tax in New York State because the Practitioner/Spa is the “end user” of the product. There is no tax on products shipped outside of New York State. We must charge tax if you pick them up in person
  • You may write off these purchases as a Business Expense on your taxes
Apprenticeship Circles, Workshops, Private Trainings, and other Services
  • Can be scheduled at Brooklyn Herborium Windsor Terrace Workshop or Brooklyn Herborium Columbia Street
  • Prices are determined in advance based on Company Policies
  • Required materials are included in the price as part of the student kit, further materials are made available for purchase at an additional cost.
  • NYS law requires that we charge 4.5% service tax for these events.

  • Our wholesale pricing, available on our line sheet,  is 50%-60% of suggested retail. The minimum quantity per product is 6. 
  • Retail testers can be purchased for wholesale cost less 20%. Please specify how many testers you would like in your order. There is a limit of 1 tester per 6 items of the same type. 
  • We are happy to sell samples for you to try before placing an order. We will extend wholesale pricing for any product sample with a limit of one sample at wholesale price per product.

For retailers, we ship directly from our workshop Brooklyn using USPS Priority Mail. Depending upon our inventory, large orders can take up to 12 weeks to fulfill (some products actually must sit and generate herby goodness for that long in order to be incredible!) but most of the time, we can make what you need and send it out in 2-3 weeks or less.

We will take your opening order via email and invoice you with PayPal (you can use a credit card to pay as well).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Brooklyn Herborium's products in my spa or treatment room without being an apprentice?
Yes. There are many ways to work with Brooklyn Herborium and the Between You & The Moon products. You do not need to participate in the apprenticeship in order to become a retailer or use BYATM products in your treatment room or spa.
There are many ways to work with us, depending on what your needs are:
  • Retail: We offer a large variety of products for sale in your retail shop or as home care for your facial service clients. See our attached wholesale application and price list.
  • “And…in addition to…” We recognize that there are many pathways to health and beauty and we would be honored to be part of your journey. Our methods are inclusive of many other modalities and can easily be worked into your current skin care offerings in order to serve your clients better. You can set up a spa consultation with one of our specialists to help you determine what is going to work best for you.
  • We offer a Practitioner Starter Package that gets you set up immediately with enough product to supply one service room with 80-120 of either the Holistic Spa Facial* or a Functional Skin Care Service*. There are no artificial chemicals or ingredients in any of these products. (Please note that some of our Advanced Products do have emulsifiers and/or preservatives)

I currently work in a place that uses a different product line. Will I be able to use what I learn with other products or service protocols?
Yes. We only use our Functional Skin Care Line during the apprenticeship (because it was designed for these methods) but the knowledge that you will gain is universal. You will then have the insight to apply holistic methods to everything you touch as well as a very clear lens to determine if something is truly holistic and beneficial or if it simply appears that way. (Reminder: Loudest does not equal wisest...) Also, if you have current knowledge and experience in other healing modalities such as acupuncture, Crystals, Gua Sha, Reiki, Dien Chan/m, hot stone therapy (etc) or have interest in pursuing them in the future you will be provided with a base in which to insert these methods to benefit your clients immediately. 

Will I learn how to create my own skin care line?
No. That is another course for another year... 

What if I can’t come the the Apprentice Circles?
You can still become a Practitioner as well as a Practitioner Apprentice, but do it all online. The Apprenticeship provides enough study material to go deep and use the products in a practice without attending any of the Apprentice Circles. (I would love to say that those materials are “as good” as attending a circle…but we so believe that you will get more out of it then most online classes) Remember, the more you interact with your community of practitioners, the more insight you will gain so get involved in the classroom and make it to whatever circles you can. 

Live meetings are useful for reinforcement and for learning the specifics of hands-on work. The conversations that we have around the particulars of the practice are an education within itself. Lively discussions and anecdotal stories are welcome during these times. Without that, it is not really an apprenticeship, but online learning or courses (which may be lovely, but not quite on the same level).  An apprenticeship requires that you make connections and are willing to delve deeper, not necessarily wider.

What is the time commitment? 
  • Direction is more important than speed. Do the work in your own time and you will truly get it. Modern media seems to be making people think that they can just purchase a class and “download” it into their brain and then have it to use. Feed yourself, we will not spoon-feed you. 
  • To get the most out of the experience, most apprentices attend the Apprentice Circles every other week, even if they "repeat" something. Some practitioners cannot attend every circle and get what they can from our unique and mind-blowing Workbooks, Our Educational Hub, their own practice, and attending the circles they can make it to.
  • We expect our Apprentices also spend about 10 hours per week practicing (either in their hands or in their heads) while they are working with us. The more hands-on you get, the better it will be for you.
  • Our apprentices tend to stick around, coming to the Apprentice Circles for as long as they can and even return when possible after they have left the area  to start their own practice. This work is something you can keep growing and growing with. There is no completion!

What is the difference between a Practitioner and an Apprentice?
For clarification: A Practitioner is someone who is using the BYATM Products and Techniques in their professional practice.
A Practitioner Apprentice is systematically working though all of the educational offerings we provide in a methodical and supported manner.
In actuality, I would hope that we all are always both apprentices and practitioners, but we need words to help us be definitive.

Do I have to be an aesthetician?
We welcome a wide variety of professionals to use our products, understanding that each practitioner is unique and has unique needs. It is up to you to stay within your scope of practice and what your license allows.

Can I come work for you?
Yes, we do hire out of our apprenticeship programs (both Herbalcrafters and Holistic Aestheticians). No, it is not guaranteed.

If you think you may be interested, but are not sure if this is the right thing for you, please email to request a Complimentary Practitioner Consultation with Trial Package.