Tulsi Mala Beads

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Using your Mala Beads
A sacred tool for meditation, a reminder of your intentions, worn for your highest benefit.
1. Sit quietly holding your mala beads
2. Envision light surrounding them & say your intention out loud or to yourself
3. Meditate to manifest your intention by repeating a sacred name or word 108 times as you move through your beads

Wear your new mala beads on your person for 40 days to attune them to you, around the neck or wrist or in your pocket is perfect.

Tulsi is sacred wood that grows in India. These beads are made from sustainably harvested wood by a women's collective.

Mala beads can help build your meditation routine. Try meditation for 5 minutes daily to align yourself with your intentions and the higher good of all beings. At the very least, every time you become aware of wearing your beads, try to breathe in and out mindfully, 5 seconds in, and 5 seconds out. This technique can activate your parasympathetic nervous system for calming.

In the beginning, you may have trouble staying with a daily routing, even if you really want to meditate, life can get in the way. Committing to practice and setting a goal, even if you are imperfect and achieving it, is the first step. The benefits of a meditation practice are slow and steady over time. Even though there are no quick fixes, the action of meditation itself can give immediate reduction of feelings of stress.