Cow Fart Wash

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Every Where ~ Every Day

Every body has the need to keep clean. Daily hand hygiene prevents illness while body hygiene keeps our skin fresh so that we can look—and smell—our best. However, pervasive chemicals in most hygiene formulations can disrupt the endocrine system and compromise the human microbiome, while causing sensitivity and exacerbating existing irritations. Cow Fart Wash is formulated to get the job done in the most gentle way while supporting the skin—a sense organ—holistically. Formulated with Witch Hazel distillate for cleansing, and Camphor, Sesame and Cow Fart botanicals for compromised skin that needs special attention. The perfect way to keep your hands and body clean while soothing your senses — body, mind, and spirit.

We see this as being something one would have in the bath/shower for head to toe daily wash or at the sink for hands that need extra care. Gentle enough for every where (tip to toe) and every day (and any age, including babies.)

Why the Foam? Castile soap in a self-foaming pump bottle means no need for any surfactant.


For best results, use within 3 years.
External use only.

Apply 1-2 pumps of bath wash to wet skin. Safe to massage around all parts of the body, from head to toes. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Works wonderfully to support healing skin in conjunction with our other Cow Fart Products.

Organic saponified oils of olive & coconut, distilled water, organic witch hazel distillate infused with lavender and rose, organic sesame oil, herbal extraction of camphor, organic essential oils of Bulgarian rose, ecologically harvested Sandalwood, and holy basil.

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